PNW vs Amazon

Good on them to have the foresight to own their distribution channels. I talk to a lot of manufacturers (not bike industry-specific) on my podcast, and they’re pretty much universally pissed with Amazon’s business practices. An incredibly underhanded company. Keeping customer data is bad enough, but if Amazon sees a runaway success in any category, they’ll create their own product and then undercut you, after learning how your product became a success. Dirty, dirty pool.


Thanks for giving me another reason to avoid Amazon.

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I avoid them like the plague. More and more as I hear more stories like this. Process are not always cheaper and most of their stuff is counterfeit and of low quality.

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It turns out people don’t care about the greater good when a deal is involved.

Reminds me of John Prine’s “Burn the Walmart Down”. People still going for the x.97 deals.

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This did it for me. Jeff Bezos: Work-Life Balance Is 'Debilitating Phrase'

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Deals for the win :rofl:


I’m finding with Amazon is that every item has shipping built into the price…so buy 4 items you actually pay 4x shipping. Been buying a lot direct from company this year for cheaper…example

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Love my tapped Fermonsters, makes doing transfers and bottling so much easier.

Sometimes Amazon is decent for a deal, sometimes the prices are ridiculous. I’m not sure I’ve bought a single bike part off of there as the prices are usually terrible compared to other places.

Shopping local is great, I try to do it but sometimes the price difference is too ridiculous.

Not a bike related product example, contacted several local businesses looking for a synthetic winch rope. Only 1 has stock, $100 for 50’ length. Look on amazon, same product/manufacturer/size… $29.99 including shipping. It would be great if I could afford the extra $70 to support local, but it just isn’t going to happen.

Other things just aren’t available locally. Sure, I might be able to order from the manufacturer, but they are in the US/overseas, then I have to deal with customs/courier BS and the price is way more than amazon.

I see it as a necessary evil.


100% agreed :ok_hand: Gotta maximize our hard earned dollars!!

I do the same, but it is a spiral where small businesses eventually fall to online sellers because they eventually just get pushed out of business.

Then the online stores can increase the prices slowly over time after we have no local options.


I might go there only to find something I can’t find anywhere else locally, but that’s now super rare. Northing there I can’t find somewhere else. It’s just not good for the economy to shop on Amazon. Anything I ever got on Amazon was of such shitty cheap quality, it wasn’t worth buying anyway.

Tell me more about these tapped fermonsters. I had no idea these existed.

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You can either add a port to a normal Fermonster (your results may vary), or Noble Grape had ones with the hole already and they include the tap.

Amazon does have its place. I do commisioned artwork from time to time and theres specific drawing tools i use. The local art supplu shops dont always carry them or if they do their out of stock and horrible for getting it back in . That item is always in stock on amazon and at a lower price

Bike parts wise… i have boufht stuff off their but i keep mostly to lights and pedals

For me, it’s as simple as the way they treat their employees. Same reason I’ll ship at Costco but not Walmart. People deserve to make a living wage. :man_shrugging:t3: I’m also not a big shopper, and outside bike parts and food, there’s not much I need.


We use ours for doing fruit fermentation. Wide mouth for easy cleaning of chunks. I got the non spiggot included one and after a couple goes went back and got one to put in. I Rate it 19/21 woopie pies.