Point Pleasant Park to Open to Biking

PPP Biking

I remember biking there years ago. It was a nice break between classes at university on a sunny day.

Apparently I’m not privileged enough to get that Facebook page! Hasn’t it always been open to biking other than on weekends and holidays (http://www.pointpleasantpark.ca/en/home/thingstoknow/cycling.aspx) or are weekends and holidays going to be allowed now?

I can’t open the link either

It’s a facebook thing…I will work on it later today.

Its because it is posted in a Closed Group, you have to join Halifax Cycle Chat or whatever its called to see the post. Its nothing personal.

Yeah, I know. I was joking about not being privileged enough. I guess I should have upgraded my exclamation point to a smiley to make that clear. :smile:

No, that would not have made a difference.