Portland Estates trails?

Hey everyone,

I just moved back to Halifax and I’m getting back into mountain biking after a 10 year hiatus from it. This site and forum has been a great resource, but it’s led me to wonder one thing. I haven’t seen any mention of the Portland Estates/Russell Lake trails in Dartmouth. I just found this write up about them, which was written in 2012.


Have any of you been on them recently? How are they?


I don’t think I’ve ridden them in a few years. Most folks are hitting up spider lake trails on the Dartmouth side. I’m not sure what shape the Portland Estate trails are in.

Welcome to the community, Jeff! Glad you found us.

By the way… the pedaltrout weekly ride is an excellent way to get to know some of the trails in the area and people that can show you more too.

There one every Tuesday night.


I was on those trails at Russell Lake last year and they are not too bad. Spider Lake is much better. If you go on the Tuesday night ride with Pedaltrout I will see you there.

Thanks for the welcome. I’m going to have to try out the Russell Lake trails at some point, just for a ride down memory lane because that’s where I first started mountain biking. I checked out the Spider Lake trails last week and they were really fun. I didn’t give myself nearly enough time before the sun started to set though. I’ll have to set aside a few hours next time I head out there.

I’d love to get out for the group rides, but I unfortunately can’t make it on Tuesday nights. :frowning: