Post your rides!

A lot of folks are coming in the shop saying they are riding the Valley, etc, this weekend. Facebook has a lot of ride feelers as well. If you want or would like company, post it up! I know a few would even like a guide the first time around new trails. Happy Turkey!!!

Saturday night ride in The Valley any one?

We will be riding the Gorge/P2 tomorrow at 10am if anyone is thinking of coming down.
The trails are incredible shape for the time of year and the leaves look great in the woods.

Ryan, What are you thinking for tomorrow evening?

I could tomorrow evening, especially in the valley.

Um no specific plans, maybe a Wolfville ride? The Reservior is pretty fun at night. Meet downtown by Valley Stove and ride up, lets say meet at 6:30?

I’ll be there at 6:30.