Posting new trails

I build trail and know other trail builders and we all have the same gripe. Don’t post our trails on Strava or the Internet without talking to us. I know a guy whose trails are on here and the trail is private land, no one asked if it could be promoted. One I’m working on is now discovered, it isn’t near finished and there are sections I haven’t hardly had a chance to ride. All I am asking, respect the builders. Without them you would be without a lot of the great places. Ask if you can share before you do it, talk to them, offer to help. Thanks

I’m sure any of the moderators will gladly remove info on a private trail that is posted here if the landowner doesn’t want it published. But you’ve got to realize that 99% of the trails posted here are posted somewhere else so it’s hard to know when a specific trail is not supposed to be public knowledge.

Yes to what Bent said.

I sit as VP of the Annapolis Valley Mountain Bike Association and certainly we encourage obtaining a MOU (memorandum of understanding) between land owners and users prior to building a trail. However, there are still many private trails that are invite only or it is requested to keep them secret. There are a lot of grey areas when it comes to trail building in general.

I would certainly be happy to review and or remove any posts regarding trails or anything that anyone finds offensive.

Yes, for sure @blu, let us know what the trails is an we will mark it private.

This is a community for by and for mountain bikers. The trail maps we keep are collected by the community and are offered to help others find trails. We’ve all ridden trails build by other people.

It is important to respect the land owners rights.

I am not just referring to trails on this site. I appreciate the work ECMTB has done in promoting interesting trails and mountain biking. I made the post mostly to your membership to make them aware.

I would be looking at the builder or their helpers for the big leak of secret information. It’s amazing what people post to social media these days.

It is also entirely possible that someone found your trail the same way you did, by wandering into some woods with their bike or finding and following a tire track. Trails in wooded areas near urban or suburban places won’t remain secret long even without the interwebs.

Tell your buddies to Private those Strava Segments and Private their rides. If not, that’s what you can expect. People search for new places to ride by looking for segments on Strava.

Yeah, one time I was in the middle of nowhere Cape Breton fly fishing by Albert Bridge, after crashing through the some woods looking for a spot I found this elaborate ladder system of shore trails. Totally random. I LOLd

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So a question for the irate trailbuilders who don’t want their trails posted on the internet without being asked first. Do you put a big sign with your contact information at several places on the trail so people can contact you?