Potential lift on Sunday hunting ban

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Done. Very important to let your voice be heard regardless of your point of view.

Done as well… hunters get six days, I think one day for the rest of us is fair…

So much for sharing, eh?

Truth be told, I, like most people with jobs, get 1 day of the week, Saturday. That means 8 days of hunting if the weather is good. Hope this passes.

I can see the point @tossedsalad is making. To be honest, I have never had much conflict with hunters.

Although, I would be pissed if I was riding a trail all year only to have hunters expect me to get out of the woods at the start of their season.


When does the season start/end? And what can be hunted when? What lands can be used for hunting?

I’ve done a little reading on the rules in the past.

I’m on the fence about this one… I know some very excellent respectful careful hunters but, I live close to a popular hunting area and there is an obvious increase in beer cans during hunting season, I’ve had shots fired much too close to my home. I gave permission for 1 hunter to cross my land and the next thing I know their relatives and friends come tromping past. Every year I find garbage bags full of guts, and see morons throw them from their trucks into the river by my house. I’ve heard shots on Sundays. Kind of sick of it all.

The only advantage I can see to opening it up is maybe and increase in respectful honest hunters in the woods will keep the drunk poachers away. but I’m not optimistic.

Take a vacation day or 2 if you want to hunt so bad, that’s were I stand on not enough time to hunt.

@riderx all the answers are here: http://novascotia.ca/natr/hunt/

Thanks Bent

So the other 10/11 months of the year isn’t enough riding time? You need every Sunday in November as well?

Take a vacation day. Nice.

I don’t know about outside of metro, but around here there are plenty of cycling opportunities on land that hunting is not allowed.

Ignoring the whole “time” argument, I think it really boils down to mutual respect and usage of the same lands. How do cyclists feel and hiker only trails?

Yeah I agree about the mutual respect, and it’s the usual case of a few “bad apples” but those bad apples are carrying firearms which brings it to a whole other level of disrespect.

Some of the old-timers have told me some crappy stories over the years now I only trust hunters I know personally.

If you are hearing people hunting on Sunday, it is already against the law, so those people are outside of the discussion already. I’ve done a lot of hunting and the whole ‘budweisser and bush shots’ thing is something I’ve never encountered. Same goes with deer jacking. I do know that some people do that. Its illegal. Going as far as banning hunting entirely would not eliminate the law breakers, same as firearms registration didn’t stop criminals from getting guns.

I’m totally okay with hunting, I wouldn’t dream of banning it because I know there are intelligent people out there feeding their families but if you’re not eating it I have no respect.

I know the illegals have no real bearing on Sunday hunting, the perception of danger is what most people are going to base their decision on, even though you’re more likely to be killed driving in a car or choking on your dinner. Obviously laws aren’t going to stop criminals.

I don’t know, even good people can occasionally make mistakes and when they do so with a gun it can be devastating. When you consider all the hunting seasons they range from the beginning of September to the end of February, half the year. That includes some pretty prime riding time. Personally I wouldn’t want to be hit even by small game shot or a .22 so it’s nice to have some confidence that wouldn’t happen at least one day out of the week.

I can’t find the stats, but when I did see them it was noted that hunting related injuries in Nova Scotia have been pretty much non-existant over the past 50 years (there were some in 2013 which made it stand out, probably when I saw the stats). Cycling related injuries are higher. Maybe we should ban cycling? ha ha.

Considering the exodus from rural Nova Scotia to the west, and the increase in urban population (Halifax), you guys can probably breathe easy, doubt it will happen in this province. I feel a lot safer already, I know I’ve been shot at at least dozen times so far this year.

Last November I was riding skull on a Sunday with one other rider. Somewhere near the long bridge (broken now) we encountered a guy with his son. Both of them had rifles. His son was no older than 10

Lets see what rules they broke:

Hunting in a Sunday - check
Hunting on watershed/protected land - check
Underage hunting - check

I know this guy doesn’t represent all hunters but he ain’t doing anything to help the cause.

So, you did your civic duty and reported him to the police ASAP, right? Heh, seriously though, there are 50,000 licensed hunters, sure to be some bad apples somewhere, heck, what are the chances of this person being licensed in the first place, right?

Hiker snobs make the same generalizations about mountain bikers to justify their views about them.

Thanks for the heads up on the survey.

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