Powder coat frame

Working on an old road bike alum frame restoring, thinking of getting stripped and powder coated. Any suggestions for a company in city that does bike frames and potential cost?

GMI Industries in Woodside (11 Mount Hope) has done at least one bike frame before. I’ve seen a lot of their other work before and Matt is very particular about his work. No idea on cost though.

Precision Powder Coat in Burnside has done a number of frames. One for me, and a bunch for Cyclesmith. They already have soem of the parts to cover the threads in the BB and others. My bike, Yoshi, after her power coat.

I used Precision Powder Coat for some parts at work. The parts were perfect. I know he has done plenty of motorbike frames. Pricing was good as well.

It’s been awhile, but just a heads up that Precision needs the frame fully prepped (stripped) before dropping it off. They do really good work.

Yup, and stripping is a messy job.