Progression of difficulty of MRWA trails/easier black diamonds?

So feeling a little more comfortable this year with a lot of the blue stuff after spending all last year pretty much just riding between the Heart and Norawarren. Haven’t been into South Pawl or Alternate Exit yet but just wondering if I am not at the point where I am doing the rock roll in the attic should I not even bother looking at any of the black diamond stuff? Is there any black diamond stuff that might be less threatening than the rest?

The new stuff (Time trails) is built to be a progression from Duck N Run. There are isolated moves that are considerably more difficult and/or higher consequence than DnR, but the difficulty isn’t relentless. IE. it is fairly “fast fun” between the difficult bits. There are also ride-arounds in most places. Time Out is easier than Time Flys, in my view.

The Time trails are easier when ridden in the clockwise direction. There are a few blind drops so look before you leap.


Walk the trail without your bike if you have concerns.
IMO there is stuff on the new BD trail that could for sure grab a wheel, or get Janky quick for some. There is 100% zero shame in walking a trail.

Good luck. Progression is what its all about.


Good advice all round.


Also really worth riding with someone that knows the trails and remember they are not going anywhere, so chip away a little each ride.

Happy to head out with you sometime to check out some of the trails just DM me.


Tuesday night rides are a good way to try new stuff. You get the chance to see the correct lines, speed and body position.

Most riding at MRWA is intimidating but not too technically difficult. The granite is forgiving right up until you come off!


Alternate exit is similar to other stuff you mentioned, south pawl is more of an old school ns type trail , Good if you love roots :slight_smile: