Project bike?


A buddy of mine has an old Rocky Mountain Element Race that he was looking to get rid of cheaply.
It’s an older 26er, but I thought it might make an interesting project. Mostly, it’s an opportunity for me to get more comfortable wrenching for myself with a low(-ish) cost of entry.

Before I start, though. I wanted to strip it down and sandblast/paint the frame. I don’t want to do that part, though. I think there’s a place in Burnside was was doing this type of work. Any ideas on who is doing this and what it might cost?


If you’re talking about Precision Powder Coating they are more interested in painting frames than stripping them to prep for painting. Its been awhile but that’s the gist of what they said.

You could try Halifax Cycles Inc. They have done some restoration projects on the past, strip and powdercoat.

Thanks guys.

I’ve got no problem disassembling and cleaning up the bike, I was mostly looking to outsource the sandblast and paint (or maybe powdercoat)

I’ll talk to Roger next time I’m in the north end. Looks like my buddy ended up selling his Element already, but I’m sure there’s lots of project bikes out there.