Project stuff

Just wanted to show some frames I painted. Im not very good at rebuilding them but I do like changing things up and doing more custom stuff. Only done these two frames so far but it’s nice to get compliments when my wife is out on the cruiser. Anyone else have any cool projects?


I like the retro bikes!

I’ve only got one project on the go, for my little girl

20" MTB Frame, stripped blasted & powder coated in hot pink

Then built up with some carbon bars (needs cutting down), carbon stem & seatpost. Shorter cranks, and smaller chainring

I’ve put some longer forks on it now, as the head angle was too steep (the frame came with horrid suspension forks)

It just needs reassembling, I’ve been a bit lazy with it since moving here


I love the colour! The silver and blue I did was for a young girl. I use leftover paint from work (painting cars) and we didn’t have any good girl colours in our leftover cabinet. The first purple bike is actually a Mitsubishi colour you see on the mirage.


These handlebars were black and rusty when i got em, happy with how it turned out plus i havent stripped and painted bike parts since i was a kid and it was fun as hell. Metallic purple with sanded raw crossbar, gloss finish coating


Just sold this bike too. Farewell old friend