PSA Deer Season

Just a heads up, it’s full on deer season now so expect extra lineups at the liquor mart due to bummed hunters and celebrating hunters.


I’m not really familiar with hunting rules. Is there trails where we don’t have to worry about hunters? I’m thinking Fight, or Vic park. Parks where there is no hunting? Places in the city?

There are hunters at Fight (McIntosh Run Trails).

Wrandees (if anyone still goes there) is off limits to hunters. Though we did see a guy with a bow in there years ago.

I wouldn’t worry about hunters, but I always just assume they’re around, regardless of whether the area permits it or not. I just make sure my dog and I are rocking some blaze orange and bells this time of year

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Deer hunting season runs from Oct 25 - Dec 7. No hunting allowed on Sundays except Sun Oct 26 and Sun Nov 3.

Best to wear orange no matter where you go. Easy for hunters to wander into places they shouldn’t be.


No hunting in provincial parks or the private property that parts of the Macintosh run are in.

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Generally there is nothing preventing hunting on private property unless its cultivated land or a tree farm/berry picking operation.

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