PSA on Winter Trail Etiquette

Everyone loves riding smooth, snowy, packed singletrack in the winter. It’s like heaven on two wheels.
But it requires some common sense to keep it that way so that everyone can continue to enjoy it for the brief winter periods of great riding that we have.
The good news is that it’s very simple, if you start a ride on singletrack and you’re carving ruts in the trail like these pics you should go hit another trail (ATV doubletrack is a great option when things are soft on the singletrack.)

A few tips:
Ride early when things are still frozen.
The sun is strong- avoid exposed trails when it’s sunny unless it’s still hard.
Fat’s where it’s at. You can ride a fatbike on a far wider range of temps than skinnier tires.

Basically ‘if you sink, stop and think!’