PSA re: Off Leash Dogs at MRWA

The McIntosh Watershed Association (MRWA) has received another complaint of uncontrolled dogs at the Alabaster Way cul-de-sac (Osprey trail head). Past complaints include pooping in yards, barking non-stop, running across two yards to steal a ball from a 3-year-old, wandering into a home, a garage, etc.

Many of these complaints seem to be associated with mountain bikers.

The mountain bike community can help avoid any conflict with the neighbours and the city by keeping our dogs leashed until we are past the trail head and on the actual trail. This should apply not only to Osprey, but to all trail heads in the McIntosh Run area.

As a dog owner, Iā€™m asking that we help spread the word and influence other dog owners to keep their dogs leashed until they are away from the any trailheads. I believe that dogs add positively to the mountain biking experience. However, I also understand that riding with my dogs is a privilege and not a right.


Marc Pike
Mountain Bike Halifax