PSA - The trails are soft!


Be very aware that trail conditions are soft in most areas in NS. The weather has created an early spring thaw and with that very soft trails for the most part. Choose your trails wisely and don’t rut up the trails as it takes a lot of work to get them back in shape.

There has been significant damage to the trails at the Gorge in Kentville (picture coming soon).

Options to get out include getting a road bike, riding rails to trails or depending on conditions, granite rock based trails.

We all want to ride, but we need to ride responsibly.


Also a great time of year to do some trail work so they are super awesome when they dry out!


I ducked into the The Gorge yesterday to check on things, and it’s a mess. Looks like at least three riders were in on Wednesday when it was warm and rutted things up pretty bad. Uncool folks. Skills park is a mess and a bunch of damage on trail. Who ever it was didn’t think that just making ruts was enough so they choose to skid up the place too… :disappointed:

Event the double track is too wet in places to ride or hike with out leaving deep ruts. Go find some payment folks.

PS: Fat bikes make ruts too… really big ruts.


Good tip : too soft to ride, perfect to dig :wink: