Pumphouse Loop


Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Kung Fu Master

Location: Kentville, NS

Trail Head::???

Trail Forks: Pumphouse Loop

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Pumphouse Loops are currently being destroyed. There’s a sand pit being dug into the trail system. The lower loop was destroyed a year or two ago. The pit has now crossed the center trail that ran down the middle, preventing access to the upper loop. The upper loop is probably intact, but there doesn’t seem to be any access to it. Can still get to Seven Bridges/Bird Sanctuary from the Pumphouse at the end of Mitchell Ave.

Bummer. Its a pretty cool spot.

Thanks for the update @Rockhopper. On the upside, the bird sanctuary trail system keeps expanding.


It’s so good in there. Maybe an ECMTB weekend ride is in order to show people around. It’s a hidden gem!


Yes, Bird Sancturary highly recommended for newbies or a mellow ride. Nice wide doubletrack, no major tech features. There is some nice singetrack trail in there as well that I’ve been discovering as well.

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Where is the Bird Sanctuary?




I usually go in here:


Go past the concrete blocks to the rail trail and turn left. Take next right onto dirt road. You’ll go past a sand pit and come to a t-intersection. Straight ahead takes you into the bird sanctuary, and eventually comes out at the rail trail behind the Evergreen long-term care facility. Right eventually connects to the straight ahead trail. Left takes you to a nice short loop, and a neighbourhood where you can get onto some ATV trails.

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Bird Sanctuary is also full of new singletrack that has been cleared and ridden hard this year, so its super fast.
There are no maps/signage or anything like that. If you look for blue or pink marking tape it along the double track it will lead you into singletrack.

Strava also has some trails laid on maps if you look under the Segment explorer.