PVC Pipe Bow

So, I haven’t shot for years, but since learning about PVC pipe bows, I decided to get back into it. I built my first bow, a longbow, that pulls 56#'s @ a 28" draw. That’s legal for hunting anything in NS. Anyways, I finally got to shoot it a bit today. Wow. Works pretty good. I need to make a real bowstring for it, but it’s coming along nicely. I am building some poplar arrows for it right now, and can’t wait to fire them off. Also making fletchings out of duct tape, and that seems to work really well, actually, specially shooting off hand like I do. Just as good as any feathers I used to use. Pretty stoked about this. Pricewise? For the bow and 6 arrows, I’m into it for less than 40 bucks. And I have enough tape, linseed oil and string to keep me going for a while yet.

Next project will be a 50+ # recurve. Even snappier!

Anyone else here into archery? I shoot traditional, instinctive.