Quick and dirty MTB recipes?

Going through some old cookbooks and rediscovered this(circa 1995).
I’m often throwing together a chili into the slow cooker so it’s ready when I get back from a ride. Anyone have any good pre or post ride recipes?


Beer, serve chilled.


Ha! That was my post ride meal yesterday. Boxing Rock-Over The Top is my current fave. Bourbon over ice is a killer recovery drink.

Made this for breakfast the other morning. Would also be killer post ride with a nice NEIPA.

Toasted bagels, salted avocado mash and six minute eggs with hot sauce. I also made it with two strips of bacon recently as well.


Highly recommend the book “FeedZone Portables”

Written by the guy who developed Skratch Labs.

Talks alot about the “why” certain foods are better for intra, post ride.

Also has over 100 easy to make recipes.


Jill Smith, the author, is from Sydney. She met Tim Gould (pro from UK, anybody following mtb in the late eighties or early nineties would remember him, he actually raced at msa when they had the masters recently) on the pro circuit.

He popped into the shop a couple of years ago when they were back visiting her family. Remember hanging out with her, fast eddy, etc over at kaz’s place after nationals (or Canada cup) at martock. Great person.


Gonzo’s chili (for slow cooker)

-2 tbsp olive oil

-1can chickpeas drained and rinsed

-1 can black beans drained and rinsed

-1 can corn

-1 smallish onion diced and carmelized in a pan

-Sweet potato diced and slightly blackened in a pan

-Tomato-whatever form

-Chili powder

-Whatever spices you want -I like oregano thyme rosemary turmeric garlic salt pepper

-Bay leaf if you’ve got it

-Splash some bourbon to loosen up the last centimetre of bbq sauce that’s been sitting in your fridge

-throw in slow cooker give it a stir and set for 4-6 hrs on low or 2-3 hrs on high

-go for a ride