Raceface next carbon bar


Used raceface next bar 780mm 35mm clamp has a chip pictured but it’s structurly sound I rode it for a bit after it happened $20

A chipped carbon bar? WTF Seriously, this should be destroyed not sold.


Yeah I’d sell for 20

Hope you have dental insurance. WHEN it fails hopefully you aren’t off the bike for too long.


Have you ever seen one fail I’ve had it flex tested

Personally no. Damaged carbon is a timebomb. Only a fool would believe otherwise.

Flex tested? How? Where? by Who? I don’t believe for one minute that someone could “test” an obviously damaged bar and say that it is fine to use.

Most golf stores have flex testers you can’t put a frame in there or anything but they work for bars. I’ve been in the bike Industry for a long time carbon is light years stronger and the layups are way better than they used to be but that’s why I’m selling it for 20 I stead of 60-80

HAHAHAHAHA! A golf club tester? That’s definitive.

I’ve been in the bike industry for a long time too bud. Would never in good conscience sell or give away a damaged carbon bar to anyone because that is being professional.


Yeah, I wouldn’t use that even as a pedal wrench extender. WTF, Blair.

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Lots of golf pros risk broken faces as a result of faulty 9 irons, doncha know?


I have seen over torqued Chromag cutlass and BZA bars fail

How did Smokie put it? " Used carbon is like buying underwear at Frenchies. You could but do you really want to"


I’m not really here to debate this it was a full disclosure post and I sold them