Thinking about trying a local race but not sure how you go about it? Can anyone share some advice? Thanks!

I’m not much into racing myself, but I know Cyclesmith runs cross country MTB races every Tuesday night which seem to be quite beginner-friendly. I might even give it a try myself some week. Here’s their link: … -pg230.htm

There’s not much to do about racing except show up, pay your fees and pedal when they say go. You need to buy a one day Bicycle Nova Scotia racing license, I don’t know what they cost now, $25? That can all be done at registration. The short track series is a good way to try it out for sure.

All the details here along with a calendar of all events:

Thanks for the replies! That’s easier than I had thought and the short track series definitely seems like a good place to start.

Anybody do the Enduro at the links race before? Are you timed on the way down and you have a certain amount of time to pedal back to the start? How many laps do you do?

Short track is easy, and so convenient. Oh, and it’s tonight!
The Links Enduro was a blast last year. It’s a bit pedally up top but the downs are super fun. Yes, you are timed on the two downhill sections and have a set check-in time at the top before your second run down. Check out Trailflow Adventures for details.

Thanks coaster…all sounds good!

Hey Guys,

Alas this weekends enduro is being canceled. The weather forecast is to grim for us to safely race on Sunday. The good news thou is we’ll be rebooking the event for a later date so all is not lost! Also don’t forget to swing by Reservoir Park in Wolfville for our races next weekend! Saturday July 12 will be a team relay and Sunday July 13 the regular XC race.