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That is pretty cool but in the pic the cranks are all at a completely different spot in the revolution. How does that work? Shouldn’t they all be in perfect sync?

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b: not really if there is a chain in there. so long as you’re pedalling it works.

b: not really if there is a chain in there. so long as you’re pedaling it works.[/quote]

Not sure how that could be. If they are “direct driving” a sprocket with a very long chain then all would have to be in sync. If there is some sort of internal gearbox that just needs energy to store and drive the rear wheels I think they would have mentioned this in the article. They talked about an electric motor to assist on uphills but I don’t think that is in play here for my query.

If I see a tandem bike being ridden by two people they are both connected to the same “drivetrain” and spinning at exactly the same rate. Isn’t it the same here? I am certainly not an engineer or even that mechanically inclined but I can’t see how it would work without the riders pedaling in sync

A good tandem bike will allow both riders to pedal at their own rate. I assume this is the same setup, being kids are operating it one can only imagine the injuries if it were not set up that way.

They may be using a crank system with a freewheel built into the crank, the kids can individually stop pedaling but the drivetrain keeps moving, or they may not and the cranks happen to be at different spots, but still all move at the same time. On a tandem the cranks are “clocked” a specific way for balance/cornering/even power when pedaling, this is a lot less important when you have 4 wheels.

I’m with slider and turple, freewheel bottom brackets

Oh, I misread. What i meant was that they might all have to pedal at same rate, but its totally fine for the position of their pedals to be anywhere within the circle. But relativly speaking they’ll all stay in that same fixed position with each other.

The freewheel bottom brackets sounds much smarter and more reasonable tho.

You guys win. That makes sense