Rapha MTB lineup is here

Serious/not serious post.

These took too long to come out, so I just taped a strip of 100 dollar bills around one sleeve of my bike jersey.


love ralphie, I keep meaning to make a Rapha parody ad but never get around to it.


Prices are on par with other competing brands.


$110 for a short sleeve jersey though???

Winners Sells short sleeve wicking shirts for $15


I know, right? I can get a t shirt from value village for five bucks!

Seriously though, prices are on par with bike shops clothing, surprisingly. No one is trying to compete with Winner’s.

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The Bibs look incredible and super practical for Enduro to be honest.
Not a huge fan of the style of anything else, but I will say I am a huge fan and supporter of clothing/apparel brands that use recycled fabrics in their items, and promote
“Sustainable Fashion”


Merino is a good sustainable material that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a plastic bag!


I’m also a if fan of bib liners with pockets and $185 seems about the norm. Specialised SWAT bibs are a similar price.

I wear Ground Effect Stowaways (bib with pockets) from NZ and they’re a bit cheaper at about $140 but to get them again I’d have to pay duty and postage.

Just seen GE do a merino bib liner which would be awesome but runs at $225.

Merino blends are what got me wearing rapha years ago. Perfect for predawn ride starts that go to sunsets. I’ve had 100% merino before but jerseys that sag past my ass just didn’t work for me.

The helmet seems pricey, but other than that seems reasonable. I ride Assos gear so the prices I’m used to for bib shorts are steeper. The colours of their gear look like they would go with my bike.

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$185 isn’t a bad price. I paid less than that for my on-sale Gore bibs sans pockets (thanks to @tossedsalad giving me a heads up that they were going on sale), but full pop retail was more.

I may order a pair as none of my current jerseys have pockets, and I dislike carrying things in my outer shorts pockets.

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