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Original Post I believe that building this trail system will take a lot of hard work from volunteers to complete.
Its a sin that better care is not taken to make sure their efforts are not a waist of time.
The trail builders need to invest in a clinometer
$144 for a Suunto (Their slogan; Replacing luck)
Then follow the rule; The trail should never run more than 50% of the incline unless it is solid rock. The incline should not be over 15% grade with an average grade of 10%.
That section we checked out at Fitz is straight down the fall line of a steep hill.
If this trail gets used at all it will become an erosion disaster.
Looks like it has very little traffic on it, there are lots of trees down, and it looked to be growing in.

That is on the pictou end of things. 
There are three separate trail systems in Earltown that won't have the same problems. Professionals have been hired to complete the work on these trails and they are top notch. No corners have been cut in the Earltown area. A different group of people are working on trails in pictou and their vision is the minimalist approach, which as mountain bikers we know doesn't work in the long run. An example of the work and attention to detail that is being put into the trails in earltown: about 70 manhours of work was put into armoring a climbing turn about 15 feet in length. As far as quality goes these trails are far above anything I've seen in pictou.