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Now the logging has crossed the Replicator, they did a good job of keeping the trail clear of debris
I just had to move a few branches. It looks so different with out the trees.

Skull lost his tools though, 2 buckets, pick, spade, loppers.

Thanks for the update. I think that as mountain bikers we have to expect this kind of thing to happen more and more. It strikes me that the most effective way to protect our places to ride would be to have them designated as mountain bike or outdoor recreation parks first and then build trails on them. It probably wouldn’t be an easy process, but I think that a dedicated group with the right approach could go a long way to making it happen.

I was in there today for a peek and it seems that the cutting has stopped along the lower road near JFK

I’m in agreement with you bikergrl. If we can convince our officials that having a designated cycling area would be a good thing for the land and the people, it would be the right first step. We already know it’s a good thing, but we have to raise our collective voices to be heard in this town.

Not just this town, but in each province. Get them thinking frontwards for a change!