Ready for Winter Commuting

Well, I’ve had my Norco Bushpilot-come-commuter for a year now, so it was no surprise when the freehub started acting up. Figured it was a bit dry, but I had a spare in the basement, so no matter. I thought I’d just change it before I went to work.

After removing the wheel from the bike, I noticed the axle bearings were REEEEEally rough. Poop. Ah weel. Pulled it apart, set my completely toased shark-tooth cassette in the parts cleaner, and looked at my crunch inducing cones. Yuck. Done like dinner. No wonder it was hard riding. Next up was pulling the freehub. Guess what. I had an outer splined freehub, and needed an inner splined one. Crap. So, I removed the seal from the back side to see just how bad it is. Wow. Just dump some lube in, spin it a bit, and hope for the best. I had some cones and whatnot on an axle I pulled off a donar wheel that were absolutely mint. Other than the fact is threw off my spacing initially and had the wrong seal on the driveside. Gonna be late for work! Rode the Concorde to work…

After supper I went back into the basement. Fiddled with the spacing, rather than pick up an axle kit at work. Also custom fit, (cut), the grease seal. Went together quite well at that point. Scrubbed my completely worn-out drivetrain. That’s next on the list to replace. Two drivetrains this year. Caught the first one early enough, but let it go too long this time, so I’ll need a cheap crank set as well. Not bad for 7000 - 7500km’s of horrible weather.

So, got the back half together and figured I should take a peek at the front hub. Not near as bad, but in need of some TLC. Freshened that up a bit. Now, the rear spacing move enough that I had to set up the rear derailleur and brake to compensate for it. So, I figured I’d do both Hayes MX4’s and set them up. Nice. I has some stoppers. And finally, I swapped my worn out set of cheap MTB tires with heavy knobs for a set of even older, but smoother, gumwalls I had in the basement. Should get me along until I put the studs on and might even shorten the commute a bit in time.

So, in hindsight, I think it might be smart to do the hubs every spring and fall, and I now have a freehub, full drivetrain and possibly a rear axle kit to order in the future. Still waaaay cheaper than the car. And more fun.

So, check those bikes over before the snow flies!