Rear hub bearing advice

I had my ride at MacIntosh cut short today with a mechanical. When I would turn the crank and then stop, the rear wheel would spin freely for about 3/4 of a revolution and then would hang up at the same spot. After taking the the rear wheel apart when I got home, I discovered that one of the bearings from the hub on the non-drive side was broken into 2 pieces (as seen on the left side of the picture). My question is, should this be something that can be easily fixed (replace and repack) / are the bearings typically readily available here? Or is it a matter of a new hub? Thanks in advace

Bring one of the intact balls to cyclesmith. I’m sure they will give you a replacement rather than charge for a bag of gross @ $5 or whatever it is now.

If you can take it apart you can put it back together. Usually.


@tossedsalad has it right. You should be able to get a replacement bearing fairly quickly. While you’ve got your hub disassembled, you should check the bearing races to ensure there’s no signs of pitting or galling. That way your bearings will roll smoothly when you put it all back together.


Also, when you’re there pick up some nice finish line white lithium grease to put it back together with.

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Thanks for the feedback

Back in the day I was so into bike maintenance. Taking hubs and pedals apart and replacing the bearings and cones as needed. Even took sealed Shimano freehubs apart. A few weeks ago my mavic Crossmax rear wheel was screaming like a banshee when I was coasting (I think it started a year or two ago) so to fix it I swapped it with my wife’s Crossmax. Works great now.


Solid problem solving,. My son’s brake lever died in a crash this summer, so I just gave him my fat bike brake to replace it. Not exactly a solution.

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Hopefully the bearing races escaped with minimal brinelling.

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Story of 2020! Ya break a brake lever or rr der this season you might need to buy a new bike to get rolling. Or take a machining course and fabricate one lol.
Buddy of mine just built a new trail whip from the frame up: “Dude, you went with XTR?!” “Yeah, it was the only grouppo available.”


Shimano planned 2020 so well, nothing old is compatible with their new XT brakes.

Worth keeping hold of a spare set of brakes just in case!

@brightwhite what brakes? I had the callipers on a set of Deore brakes die so I held on to the levers. They’re probably 5 years old.

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Deore, I believe. BL-M615, left side/front.

Was just in the process of ordering a replacement!

It’s definitely a left hand BL-M615. You’re welcome to it. It was working when it came off, the calliper piston seals had gone.

(And really the left hand lever should be for rear brakes).


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My fatbike is currently lacking lever blades. I had to swap both blades onto my enduro bike to keep it rolling. Im not sure whyshimano decided to go with a lever blade with a slightly different width at the pivot point, but it killed backwards compatability.