Rear shock help

Looking for some guidance with my fox float rear shock. I decided to add a new challenge in my life and did the seal/oil service and everything seemed to go well. I went for a ride and everything felt amazing, but i noticed some oil pooled around the sag ring mid ride . When I got home I noticed it lost some pressure (about 20psi). I have since removed the shock and put it into water to find leaks and noticed a bubble was formed around the dust seal. It didn’t seem to be getting larger it was just there. I dried it off opened it up and nothing looks out of place, scratched, bent etc. I pumped it back up and it is losing a little air.
So my open question is anyone have guidance to resolve?

Check your Schrader valve and ensure its tight. The inner valve is removable and you can tighten the housing.

Its also possible you seal was damaged upon install.

I would refill and do a short ride again. If you didn’t cycle the shock while adding air initially the negative spring air chamber may not have gotten completely filled to the same PSI and when you rode the movement allowed the air pressure to equalize between the positive and negative air chambers via the transfer ports lowering the overall PSI slightly.

Also, keep in mind that just connecting your pump to the shock will result in a lower PSI as the air from the shock fills the pump- fill it to a specific PSI, disconnect and then reconnect the pump and you’ll see a lower pressure.

If it is leaking around the dust seal area, there could be a nick in the seal or you might have scratched the groove in the air can that the seal sits in.


Thanks for the guidance. I did not cycle the shock when inflating it. I’ll play around a bit and see what happens.