Rear shock spacers

My rear shock has 130mm of travel. I feel like I’m putting lots of pressure in it and yet I still easily bottom out. Would you recommend spacers for it? I really need more travel for the kind of riding that I do but need to make do with what I have. Any input would be appreciated, thanks.

What do you have for controls- any compression damping adjustment? How much sag are you running?

Volume spacers would change your progression. What shock do you have?

I put 2 in my shock and it transformed the ride! Would recommend. Relatively simple to install too.


Likely will keep you from blowing through your travel. That being said, some bikes are designed around the shock and changing tokens/tune can reflect on rear end kinematics. (The Norco guy told me not to add a third spacer in my Deluxe R) if you have none some will help. @rmacgregor9 can testify to that.

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what shock do you have, i am running a float rp2 165mm with a 1.5 stroke and was bottoming out like crazy. 3d printed a spacer for 1$ and its much better at the end of the travel even was able to drop to a more sensible PSI. cost me 1$ i just gave the library the plan and picked it up a few days later, used ABS as the material. I would add another half sized one actually but i have no rebound dampening it needs a full service and i prefer not to get pogo sticked to hard :slight_smile:

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I run roughly 25% sag and yes I have rebound adjustment

sorry I have a fox float evol 130 mm

ya, use air volume reducers

should be the same float spacers that i use, here is the 3 print if you dont want to shell out the $ for the stock ones. i am using the medium spacer


Thanks! I got a buddy who has a 3D printer so I hope I’m set.:grinning:

U don’t happen to have any extra I could buy off you?

I have some you can buy.

For the shock. Lol

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