Recent Ride Videos

Finally catching up on some GoPro edits, though still using the Quik Capture app and not doing my own editing. Only so much time in a day…

December 6: Spider Lake Group Ride

December 11: Victoria Park w/ @Chris_Dwyer-perkins and @nwmenz - Part 1 and Part 2

Edit: fixed link to Part 2


sweet brother next time lets combine vids. i hate to say but you need to change the background music to metal! :joy:


I’m still a newb with the edits, would love to get some metal in there! Although if I’m putting metal and punk to the video, I think I’ll need to be recording something more impressive! :grin:

I think the edits where fine actually. You avoided a lot of the common mistakes a lot of people make when they are newer to edits. First one at spider the camera was pointed too low but that was fixed at the V park clips.

Thanks Chris! Remembering to check the camera angle is a common mistake I make. Having GoPro software to make the edits for me really helps! LOL

Hi there everyone. I hope everyone is staying safe and helping in whatever way they can. I have about 500 GB’s of footage that I’ve shot over the last 2 years, so I thought I would start to make some videos so we can remind ourselves of the awesome trails that we have here in Nova Scotia.

Here’s the first one - The Railyards - The tale of Four Trails.

The Railyards - The Tale of Four Trails


Took a BC trip earlier this month , got back just as the craziness was starting to ramp up. Glad to be home and am self isolating. Michelle and I are just over a week in now. Glad to be home either way!

Four of us went, rode in North Van and on the Sunshine Coast. Josh Macphee made up this video of our little adventures. Much fun was had!


I started playing around Davinci Resolve last weekend. Here’s my first edit, I tried to jazz it up with a “breaking news” theme. Enjoy.