Recommend to this site asking about 1x11 conversion

Look for specifics have new norco 3 mth old storm 1 should went to fluid never the less I want to convert from 3x9 to 1x11 and cheaper buy my own parts. So need to know what’s best parts.
I’ll need new
1 rear hub
2 rear derailleur.
3 front chainring
4 shifter
I think this is all I’d need any advice on particular parts and any thing more I might need like a spacer for front chain ring so it be more centered between crank and frame if that makes sense. I’m newbie. But never use front rings have it on middle leave it there most time and want it to be more simple up front and for shifting. Thanks

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Welcome, Scott.

Thank you very much.

Once you go one by you won’t go back 'by


Yea just trying to figure out what need go to shop they want 5 to 600 bucks I can get parts in ebay for couple hundred do install myself. Except for maybe the new rear hub which I need so it take a 11 gear Cassette instead of nine that’s on it.

You shouldn’t need to replace the hub – just the cassette. I like the Sunrace 11-46 tooth cassette for its range and the gear spacing. (I don’t like the big step to the 46 tooth sprocket on the Shimano 11-46 tooth cassettes.)

For derailleur and shifter, I don’t think you can go wrong with either Shimano SLX (lower price) or XT. I doubt there’s much difference performance-wise.

There are lots of chainring options. Just make sure you get a narrow-wide and that you get the right bolt-circle for your cranks.

You will also need a new chain as 11-speed chains are much narrower than 9-speed.


Came here to essentially say what @Ghost said.

If you go with Shimano and not Sram then you won’t need a new hub.

XT shifter is a bit nicer than the SLX, but unless you can get the XT for minimally more than the SLX it’s not worth the added expense.

I have Sunrace 10sp 11-40T cassettes on two bikes and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another if I had the need for one.

An elliptical narrow-wide chain ring is nice too. It makes a subtle difference, but it is noticeable.


if you want to give 1x a try you can do it very simply and inexpensively on a 9sp setup… Sunrace offer an 11-40 cassette (CSM990) that’s about $50.

If you want you could add a narrow wide ring to your cranks to improve chain retention for another $50 or so.

Simply ditch your granny and big rings along with the front derailleur and shifter and done for about $100 and a few minutes of time.

Obviously 10 and 11 speed give you an even wider range and smaller jumps between gears and the ability to use a clutch derailleur.


In the give_it-a-try thought… the narrow wide should work for 9,10,11 and 12.

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Yup, I run 1x9 with one of these little guides. Haven’t bothered with a narrow wide. Works great and much cheaper than swapping parts.

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I switched from 2x10 to 1x11 over the summer on my full suspension bike, mostly because I got a smoking deal on an XT drivetrain. I still have the 2x10 if you wanted a cheap upgrade, simply replace the cranks with a 1x setup (my original plan).

Good luck!

Would I need change cranks? Or just rings. And second either a 2x10 or 1x11 what’s this especially more so from a 3x9 to a 1x11 what’s this gonna do to my chainline? 3x9 to 2x10 not so bad but 1x11 how will this effect chain line. Thanks.

Changing cranks to go to a 1x from a 3x is not necessary. Chain line does not change as the middle ring is already in the right place to serve as a 1x.

I’ve set up several 3x cranksets as 1x, it’s very straightforward. If you’re not using a bashguard you’ll need either shorter chainring bolts or some spacers on the original bolts.

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As @gtrguy said, just use the current position of the middle chainring and you’ll be fine. I used Race Face chainring tab shims and the original chainring bolts when I switched a bike to 1x11 from 3x10 last year.

The total cost for me was under $300 including shipping, taxes, etc. for SLX shifter, XT derailleur, KMC X11-93 chain, Absoluteblack oval chainring, Sunrace 11-46 tooth cassette and the chainring tabs.

As others have noted, you can do 1x9 or 1x10 for even less money.

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The Wolftooth narrow wide chain ring I use came with anodized aluminum bolts for BCD 104. No bash guard, no guide. Works great. Drops a chain maybe twice in 3 years.

The aluminum chain rings do wear out though. After maybe 1500 to 2000 kms.

Thanks another stupid question how’s a 11ring cassette fit into the space of a 9.ring Cassette?

The chain is narrower, less space between the cogs. Cogs may be narrower as well, but I’m not certain about that.