Recommendations for trails in New England?

Anyone recommend some good trails in New England?

This summer I am taking the family camping and hoping to get a couple of good rides in.

I’ve heard Kingdom trails are good: … rails.html

I don’t know any specific trails but I find that Garmin Connect is an excellent source for trails. You have to create an account to use it. A lot of racers upload races and training rides. The only thing lacking is trail descriptions but the satellite imagery helps out some in determining what the track is like. Just zoom in to here you’re going to be, set your search filters to the summer months and for mountain biking and you should get lots of potential places to ride. You can download the track file and use it on a GPS or in Google Earth.

Kingdom trails is awesome. Ride and enjoy. When getting your pass ask at the office directions to the ‘must do’s’

Sidewinder and Tap&Die for sure.

I will second Randy’s recommendation for Kingdom trails. Wife and I went there for our honeymoon, trails were fantastic. We will be going back again for sure.

Four of us are planning a 4 day ride here in June. We have talked to Carl the owner and are just waiting back confirmation

Apparently a group of Firefighters from Halifax go here to ride every couple of years. I found it by googling. There are vids on Google of rides on this trail system