Remember the blogs from the old site? They're back.. kinda

Hi Everyone,

I took a bit of time and extracted the old blogs from the backups and made them available in a format that should allow the original authors to gleen out the content and re-post on the new site.

So if you blogged for the old site and want to re-contribute please surf over to where you can find the old blogs. The file names have the Author then blog title and they’re sorted chronologically. The guts of the content might be a bit ill formatted so when you re-post please remove silly looking stuff and make appropriate spacing etc. Um… I didn’t import any images… I’ll leave that up to the original authors to re-populate.

If you haven’t blogged on the new site , need some extra help or just need me to adjust your account so you are allowed then please ask IN THIS THREAD and I’ll help you out. (That way i don’t have to re-type the HOW-TO 100 times :slight_smile: )

Enjoy folks

Once again that’s :