Remember to support your LBS

Hey Gang, we should all have ample time to work on our own bikes, however just a plug to remember your friendly neighbourhood bike shop. If they’re still open they could probably use your support now more than ever, just like any small local business. If you have a bike that needs a tune or or need a part, give them a shout. I have no affiliations with any of them, but I can speak to my experiences with halifax cycles.-just give roger or Jenna a call to arrange to drop off a bike, they’ll call you when it’s done to pick up at the front door and they’ll take payments over the phone. I believe cyclesmith is doing something similar. Pick up a new chain, some lube,fresh rubber- I’m pretty sure chain reaction and the other online guys will be fine, your LBS might not be.


If you don’t need anything right now consider gift cards.

They give the stores much needed cash flow during this period.

(I understand this can be a risky proposition as they offer no protection in case of a closure)


No affiliation other than being my personal favourite


Al and Rose at Sweet Ride have plans in place to take care of their customers:

Again no affiliation but they are my favourite local shop!