Replaced pads and rotors, now the levers have no pressure

I replaced the pads and rotors on both front and back on my trance. After centering the caliper and resetting the pistons i somehow lost most of the pressure in the system. They seemed ok before i pushed the pistons back in. I didnt leak out any fluid. So what the hell did i do?

I suspect air still in the system. Push fluid from the pistons up thru the funnel till you see bubbles coming out and press brake lever intermittently till your desired brake pressure. Sometimes caliper piston seals are leaky and might give up due to tense pressure into the system.

When aligning the caliper make sure the bolt is tight to the frame and fork or else it moves around and creates no pressure on your brake levers.

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I didnt bleed them when i changed out the pads. But i susoect what happened is that i didnt do this on a bike stand, i had the bike upside down and when i pulled the lever to center the caliper on the rotor any air that might have been in my system went up to the levers.

Where is the most reasonable place to get them bled? I dont have a bleed kit. They are elixir 1s.

Cyclesmith is $30 per brake. I am curious about the prices at the other shops.

Cyclesmith is listed at 40/brake. Bike pedaller is 30 per brake.

I would be willing to pay any of you guys that have experience doing them.

If you pushed the pistons back in to make room for the new, thicker pads, it can take a few squeezes of the lever to get the pads/pistons back into place up against the rotors. Did you center the caliper before or after you installed the new pads?

After. I’ve squeezed it a few times to see if it would come back, but nothing

That’s odd for sure…

Bleeding brakes is probably my least favorite thing to do in terms of bike maintenance… I don’t enjoy it at all.

Can you see the pads moving towards the rotor when you squeeze or just nothing happens?

The front ones just barely engage, the rear are a little better, but not by much