Replacement studs

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What stud kit did you use? I’m thinking about getting this kit:

Evil Birch hey, how is that in the snow?

I used the same kit. Got it here along with some other stuff a while back: Takes a bit of effort to get them in, but there were no instructions and maybe I didn’t have the best technique.

I’d never ridden Evil Birch before. The snow started just before I got there and was coming down quite hard. It made some of the steep and off camber granite sections a bit tricky, but I enjoyed it. Missed the turn back and ended up doing some of the hiking trails before I dug out my phone to have a look.

Goes in from inside out?

Evil Birch is a fun trail with a good leg burner climb, but has some slick rock at the highway entrance.

How was the bridge across the river?

No, they go in from the outside. This video is what I used as a guide: I probably had to replace about 25 or 30 and I ended up with a good size blister on my thumb.

The bridge seemed fine. It was covered with snow so I walked it. Wasn’t up for a swim.

Good stuff. My Schwalbes are missing a few too and I was wondering about this.Thx

I picked up a set of used Suomi studded 2.1s, made by Nokian. They’re missing about a dozen studs. I wonder if this kit would work with them as well.

The Nokian replacements are nearly double the price and don’t come with an install tool.

I just picked up a stud kit from Bikes Plus, its the Schwalbe one, comes with the tool, $30.