Reservoir Park


Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Location: Wolfville, NS

Trail Head::Pleasant St.

Trail Forks: Reservoir Park

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Took my kids for a ride at reservoir park today. Signage is very lacking/missing from some of the trails. We ended up on a trail that was way over their heads that had no signage at the start/end.

Is this place worth the drive from halifax? Few buddies of mine want to check it out tomorrow but i haven’t heard much about it in general.

Really small.

Good for little kids though.

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Thank you. Think im going to go to grey mountain instead.


It is quite fun. One of the best skills parks around. There’s enough riding to keep you entertained for about an hour-or more if you session the skills parkor some of the features- steep rolls, drops, skinnies, tricky hillside switchback turns. There are parts that are suitable for little kids, but like @Slider says, some of the trails and features would be difficult and even a little hazardous for little kids, since a lot of the trail is benchcut into a steep hillside and going over the edge wouldn’t be good.

Might not be enough for a full day’s ride if you’re traveling to go there, but then just head over to the four-cross track, Gorge or Bird Sanctuary if you’re still up for more riding.