Resize images

Any way we can resize images in posts, using bbcode?
I tried this image URL
and image url
but they didn’t work.

Jeff should be back in a day or so and be able to address this.

I’ll huck it on the list. $dayjob is a bit busy at the moment :slight_smile:

this is me testing some stuff for resizing…

I’m going to just keep using this thread as a place to test this. i installed a plugin that should allow for all sorts of interesting resizing options.

Does this mean that avatars will get auto sized as well?

Not sure yet.

Just tried it and it rejected a larger pic… I was wondering if the file size could be increased. It’s easy enough to reduce the physical size but not the file size.


How big was it? (The resizer doesn’t work yet fyi.)

I would say if you could bump it to 50kb, that should suffice… of course 100kb would allow for some better res pics :wink:

Ah, I just saw the avatar sizes are managed differently than the attachment. Avatars can be much larger now. Have fun.

Cool… thanx!

TESTING MORE… i wish i had about 2 good hours to put into this :slight_smile:

rather large image.

I believe image resizing is now fixed good n proper… here’s Riderx!

I uploaded this image at something like 3000x2000…