Ride East partnering with MEC to host group rides

Saw this today on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ride_east/status/844686669068615684?s=09

Ride East are partnering with MEC Halifax for group MTB rides.

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oooooo I didn’t know about this. To bad MECs site is really unstable at the moment.

Yeah I saw that too. That’s great news.The weekly rides that MEC was doing in the past didn’t really catch on. I think every week was at the same location (Spider) and you had to preregister on their website, and the group was limited to 10 riders.

The instagram post mentioned “other MTB events” as well. Looking forward to seeing what @chucsutt and @rideeast have on the go.

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I moved this to its own topic.

Maybe @rideeast has some details for us.


Looks like the same setup that MEC had in the past (pre-register on their website, limited to 10 riders) but now the rides will be at different locations around HRM and lead by @rideeast.

Monday April 17th is the only date listed so far, location is TBD.


I don’t like this 10 rider limit thing… So if I show up with out registering because it’s full will they ask you to leave?

I think it is reasonable to ask people to register. Simply for insurance reasons. No one is going to einsure you if you can’t keep track of who was at the rides.

That’s why we do the poll and Member Name field.


For me it’s more about the limit only being 10.

We don’t turn anyone away though. But I can understand MEC doing it…they have a much bigger ass to cover if something goes sideways.


The limit likely to maintain a guide to client ratio. That’s pretty common in organised events.

I wonder how they get around the fact that the most common mtb trails in HRM aren’t legal, so technically they are trespassing and using trails without landowner permission.


@bent6543 that’s likely why they only rode Spider in the past. Not sure how they’ll get around it now though.

Thank you for point out our glaring oversight.

Spider isn’t legal either.

I see a difference with ECMTB because it is not affiliated with a business, we’re just a group of people who organize riding online.


No assets = no lawsuit :innocent:


Legal in the sense that the landowners are at least aware, through talks with BNS, that their land is being used for MTBing.

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No such thing as trespassing unless someone tells you to leave or there is a sign telling you to leave. Very few of our trails are illegal. they are just not sanctioned. Only illegal ones are probably the small sections that go into the designated Wilderness Areas like Suzie Q and Lake Loop.


Excuse my slack language I’m no lawyer. You’re right @landandwater, especially if you’re involved in a recreational activity:
So you can’t be sued for being there, unless it’s posted or you’re asked to leave. I hate legal shit really, but some people love it and it seems like a grey area to me being that all the good and popular trails (in HRM) are unsanctioned.

Ultimately I don’t really care, just thought it was an interesting question to ask.


Its been my experience that group rides of more than 10 people are more ride and stand around than ride.

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It really depends on who’s leading. Also if there is enough people (maybe 15 or more) splitting into two skill groups helps that a lot.

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