Ride @ Fight; Saturday May 30th - 11:00 AM

I plan on riding Fight trail this Saturday, starting from Mica Cres. (off of Alabaster Way).

I can ride at 11:00 AM or later. I am free all day, so if a particular time works better for someone we can set the time for then.

Hey Jetter, I might be able to make that ride… early is good for me. I’ll know for sure tomorrow night if I’ll be free Sat. morning… haven’t ridden Fight in ages…

I should be there too.

Sounds good @gtrguy

Any better time then another for you @xaero?

@JeffV @Rolls either of you free?

I might be free but won’t know for sure until Saturday.

I’m not sure yet. Usually, I need to wait until 3pm when the missus gets home. I didn’t want to chime in until I’m sure.

@Jetter 11 is good for me. if it doesn’t work for anyone else let me know and I can likely change my availability too.

Sounds good @xaero

Unless there is a better time for other people I’ll set the time for 11.

Can anyone joining us bring a shock pump? My forks feel far too stiff and I can’t find mine.

I have one, I’ll bring it with me.

just found out I can make it. so I will be a last minute tag along.