Ride in Truro Sunday February 12

I am in Truro Saturday night and Sunday and want to get a ride in. I have ridden Victoria Park and the trails up behind the blue water tank many times but suspect there are lots of new trails since the last time I was there. I have a commitment at noon so looking to get out at 9am on Sunday

Does anyone want to join in/show me around? I’ll be studless and skinny but I can assure you that won’t stop me at all :slight_smile:

Your right that there is a lot more out there and I would be happy to show you around! Let me talk to my fiance and I’ll get back to you as to if I am available that day.


That would be awesome Chris.

From a guy who has been married to the same fantastic woman for 28 years I can assure you that you are doing a good thing by checking with her first :slight_smile:

Let me know if it works for you

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Hey! Looks like things should be good to go. I am going to come up to Truro Saturday night and spend then night. That way I can meet you in the morning. Did you want to start at the bottom and climb up or meet near the top some where and go from there to make the most of your time? I know a few good meeting spots at the top if you want to do that.

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Looking forward to it Chris. You know the trails better than me. Tell me where to be at 9am and I will be there

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I’m in for a tour of Victoria Park; had a great time last time I rode there.

wondering if how packed is it out there tomorrow.!?

My guess: not very. At least, not until we roll through. :sunglasses:

I will be at the top of Wood Street at 9am. We’ll see how it goes from there