Ride-Like-a-Girl group

Hey all,

We created a @ride-like-a-girl group on the forum to help bring the women on ecmtb together. If I missed you on the list of invites, please let me know.

Feel free to invite people to ecmtb and to join the group.

Members of the group are only visible to other members of the group. You can mention the group by name like I did above if you feel it is of interest to the group.

There is also a private category accessible only to the group and @staff.



I’m new to ECMTB. How do you join the ‘ride like a girl’ group?

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Hi Alice, welcome! I just added you to the group.

You can now view and post in the private Ride Like A Girl category. And of course you are always welcome to start/join any of the public threads too.