Ride Thursday evening (if conditions agree)

Who else wants to take advantage of the hopefully awesome winter conditions on Thursday evening? I’m off work at 5 and feel the need to ride or at least get out and do something.

I will post up time and location when it’s closer to the actual day.

In for sure. Temps look like they should be a bit belpw zero so should make for some great conditions.

So from all reports Spider is still pretty good, so I’m thinking a return to Spider. Although it was a great ride Tuesday, I wasn’t completely feeling the love on the bike, so I want a redo.

Let’s say 7pmish. I’m off at 5, so will grab some supper and head over from work.

I won’t be able to make it tonight.

In! See you at 7

Do you need to be studded up?

On Tuesday at the trailhead studs were definitely neccesary if you wanted to ride in, after that they were a good idea, but possibly not neccesary. If you have them, I would run them so you don’t end up face planting in the snow unexpectedly.

Conditions agreed big time. Awesome ride. Fast and flowy through skull. A wee bit of ice made things interesting. And the bike worked much better than Tuesday after a few adjustments.