Ride Tonight (Wednesday evening)

Anyone interested? Open to location and/or time…

I was thinking of hitting whopper tonight if you’re interested in that.

I’m in…what time?

How about 6:45 at the burger king entrance. (Could also do Coke plant if you want a different perspective.)

Let’s do the coke plant. Haven’t gone that way before.

Ok, in case anyone else you like to meet up…

Time: 6:45

Location: maps.google.com/maps?q=44.64106 … 19&iwloc=A


First night back in the city, would love to make it but the ole lady would kill me haha. Next week for sure. Im also off the next two weeks, so if anyone wants to ride in the day let me know. have a good one boys

Welcome back Mike…

Glad you were out defending us from those nasty Upper Canadians :stuck_out_tongue:

Great ride. Thanks for showing me a different way around. It was The trails were great.