Riders Interested in Shuttling Fundy NP

For those of you planning to ride Fundy NP this summer @Jetter, @JeffV, and others, and would like the option of shuttling back up to the top after your run, you can arrange this with John McNair through email (info@outdoorelements.ca) or facebook (Outdoor Elements-Fundy Adventure Center).

This is not an official service he offers, but he did mention that if you reach out to him that something can be arranged. As a reference, Keppoch in Antigonish charges $35 to use their shuttle for the day, so be expected to have to pay something. Also, for your information, John McNair is in charge of the bike rentals located in Chignecto South of Fundy NP.

Example Itinerary for Fundy (approx 4hrs);

1st run down Whitetail, shuttle up
2nd run down Sugarbush/Tippenlot, shuttle up
3rd run down Reservoir/Hasting Rd Connector to Maple Grove including 3 spur trails, bike up Hastings Rd
Pumptrack and other Chignecto South mini trails
4th run any one of Whitetail, Tippenlot, Maple Grove followed by bombing down the tarmac into Alma for a few beers at the Holy Whale brewery and dinner and one of many fantastic resto’s in town.


Wow, that’s great info. Thanks.

These trails must be fairly long.

Whitetail - 4.4km
Sugarbush/Tippenlot - 3.6km
Connector/Maple Grove - 6.0km


There’s also the Goose River Trail (8.0km) near Point Wolfe you can check out. It’s currently being realigned so i’m not sure what you can and cannot ride at the moment.

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What is the Goose River Trail like? Worthwhile riding or only if you’re desperate for a ride?

What about Marven Lake and Bennett Brook?

To be honest Goose River isn’t ready yet, and Marven Lake and Bennett Brook should be low on the priority list.

There’s also Black Horse Trail up at Chignecto South, but it was built before the park new anything about proper trail building.

Pumptrack in Aqua Blue


That’s what I kind of figured. I’m thinking of riding Blackhorse, Cygnus and Cassiopeia, as well as the pumptrack the evening I arrive. I’ll ride the fun trails the next day, as well as more pumptrack I’m sure.

Such bad names for a nice trail system.

You’re going to want more the first day. There are a bunch of “family friendly” flow trails up top you can play around with. Maybe even coming down the ‘Maple Grove Connector’ (Trailforks), crossing over ‘Whitetail Top Connector’ (Trailforks), then up Whitetail…At least this keeps you up top and the climb at the end up Whitetail isn’t bad.

I’ll have already ridden Hillsborough/White Rock that day, as well as possibly a second round of Brookvale, so I’m not sure how much riding I’ll be doing the first evening. Good to know there is other stuff to play around on though.

I’m certainly keep that route in mind.

Definitely interested in this for my daughter and nephew.

Did somebody say ‘shuttle’ :smirk:

Whitetail is a blast i had many a runs on it last summer. The climb back isnt a blast tho :stuck_out_tongue: fortunately my wife did some shuttling after the first few climbs or id be done after a few.

Was just sent this…


who’s up for this? Im avail on the weekend.

I’m moving up that way at the end of the summer. I have a feeling I’ll be there a lot.

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Ill be seeing you hopefully. Applying to Fundy National Parks as soon as masters is done!