Riding Closed Trails: DON’T

I was shown a Facebook post where @kaarin indicates people are riding a closed trail under construction, which is “damaging pocket wetlands and messing up boardwalk preparations.”

I’ve seen so many appreciation posts of the fantastic work done by the crews on these trails, that it seems unlikely anyone here is slowing trail progress by riding closed trails like an entitled jerk. But maybe you can help get the message to whomever it is that’s frustrating the crews who give so much so that we can ALL enjoy the rewards.


Not just riders but trail runners as well. Closed means closed. We’re pushing hard to get it completed and trail destruction adds to the work load.

Keep your eyes open for volunteer sessions and lumber carries as these are a tremendous help in pushing for completion of the new expert loop.

Thanks again for the enthousiasme and support.


Public Shaming works wonders.


If possible maybe someone on mrww could track them down on strava and send an email explaining the above.


I think we’re all too busy with (and would rather be doing) real work rather than sleuthing on Strava.

No doubt in my mind that we --HFX-- are collectively moving toward a positive and respectful ‘trail culture’ but it takes a while.


Hey folks,

Trail crew has been busy trying to complete a 3km Expert loop by last month.

That being said the new entrance to the loop is now visible from the Attic. We have placed a few trees and a white sign indicating Trail Under Construction and Closed.

Not 15min after I set that up did a father drop down into the line while coaching his son to go around and follow him into the closed trail. Not to mention this guy was down off his bike and over the tree with the sign on it.

So please respect the signs and our hard work.

Believe me I want to ride it just as bad as most of you. Just be patient, good things come to those who wait.

If you’re just busting at the seams and can’t contain yourself? We work 8 hour days, if you’re interested in volunteering a few hours you can private message myself or @Lawrence here or thru the McIntosh website.

Cheers and thanks for your co-operation.

For all of those out today shredding the knar of the Mac Run and sending us love.

Thank you! The crew appreciates it.


I’m so excited for it to be finished!


That’s just sad.


That’s got to be super discouraging for you and the crew.


Saw a group of 4 or 5 eyeing up the entrance on Saturday.


We’ve turned away a few intruders lately :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing:

It’s almost done, waiting on a few key pieces of lumber and then project completion.
Should be ready by Christmas if HRM can do the inspection. All in good time.


Can’t wait to see it

Strava says its open to shred.


Unless you try seriously hard to find someone on strava that rode it, you’d never know, and most people don’t do that.

But its nice of you to announce its open.


But points for #fuckstrava, right?


Maybe they are not announcing anything, maybe they are informing you that you’re getting traffic due to strava…

You don’t need to find an individual, just looking at strava heatmaps you can see there is activity

Actually, it’s tire tracks in the mud.


Tried and true method.

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Ha, I guess I overlooked the obvious :wink:

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