Riding glasses with prescription inserts

i have had regualr prescription glasses that had scuffed lenses and scratched. ususally its the coating that is scratched not the actual lense.

several years ago sears was able to remove the coating and redo it. it worked. havent tried since then however

Pitt Viper now makes a nose piece for prescription that hides behind the e87 protection!

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Dude–thank you for the Oakley warranty reminder! I was able to get a fresh set of lenses for my glasses.


I have a set of Oakley sunglasses (not cycling ones), and got my local optician to put some prescription lenses in them. It was way cheaper than having Oakley do the lenses. .

I am currently looking into new ones as my script has changed, but will not hesitate to go the same route. The price I was quoted was about $400.00.

I’ve had my current ones for almost 10-12 years.

Pitt vipers if you don’t mind the styles is about 130 for the glasses, and the lenses are similar.