Riding glasses with prescription inserts

I keep getting ads popping up on ig and fb for biking glasses that have the transitions tech in them plus inserts for prescription lenses.

Has anyone tried them. Currently I have regular glasses with transitions but they don’t turn dark enough in bright conditions plus don’t offer much coverage for protection.

Or are just prescription sunglasses with larger lenses the best option

One option my sister-in-law (an optician) has suggested for me is getting daily contacts solely for riding. Then you get your choice of sunglasses.

I’ve not heard good things about stick-on and insert lenses. I’ve spoken to a user of each and both weren’t impressed.

I’m currently using prescription sunglasses but they cost way too much to be risking really…

Ivee tried contacts a couple times and could never get my eyes to stay still to put them in…

I had prescription safety glass which were the sport frame style about 6 years ago… the wrap around shape of the lense made peripheral vision a nightmare for headaches… … paid about 350 for them and they were for work. 8-10 hrs a day in them wasn’t fun due to the headaches

I use Prescription Oakley Flak 2.0 and not cheap but they last a long time. If I’m getting too steamed up, I just pack them.

Seen the ads for Youzee it seems an okay idea but then found you can get just goggles designed to go over existing glasses so that made more sense for me.

Was going to ask if anyone has done lasik here? And how their experience was?

I have goggles I wear when it’s really cold and the snows flying… haven’t worn them on a trail ride yet but I do when commuting to work

I have a pair of Oakley Crossrange XL frames with prescription transition lenses from SportRX (called ‘the one’ or similar, I think.)

The lenses are, frankly, awesome. Prescription is bang on, beautiful tint (these are SportRX lenses, not Oakley prescription, so I can’t speak for those). The frames are OK, not the best on me at least, but I still use the glasses a lot for casual rides, commuting, hiking etc. The lenses go so clear they can be used for night rides. If I do this again, I’ll get a prescription-capable frame and test it on alot of rides (with contacts), and then if I like it have high-quality prescription lenses added.

Even with the SportRX Crossrange glasses available, for a big ride or real road rides, I’m still gonna use my contacts and a full sport frame (Julbo transitions) with their better coverage, comfort and grip.

I used a pair of Smith Pivloks with their prescription insert in the past (insert clips onto the nose piece). Worked OK, great frames, prescription was OK and it was nice to be able to combine it with the the easy-change pivlok lenses. But I used contacts most of the time anyway, because I can. That says something. I wouldn’t invest in that route again, though it might work ok for others.

Although I used SportRX for the Oakleys, I should add that a good local optician could probably cook up or order a similar lens.

Hope this helps.


Sounds good it’s still winter time I’m just doing some leg work to figure out what to get for summer time when riding hours aren’t as limited and when it’s brighter out

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I didn’t get the transition lenses but got a pair that has 5 different lenses that the prescription part goes in behind. It took a while to get them but they work well and it was easy to get an optician here to put lenses in them. Overall I’m happy with them.

I’ve used them to race cyclocross with no issues.

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I’ll check around at some of the glasses stores. I was told some motorcycle shops sell the frames with inserts… the store in buyers lake doesn’t have them though

I often just ride with my oldest pair of prescription glasses. But when I feel like going thru the trouble, I pop my contacts in and I’ve got a few pair of sport lens to choose from.

I’ve looked into prescription sport lens but the cost was going to be more than my everyday glasses/lens and for the amount of time I’ll spend wearing them. Figured I’d stick with what I already had. I have zero issues with contacts, so for me it’s the cheapest route.

I can’t do contacts. I’ve tried and tried and I just cannot get them into my eyes with any degree of regularity (like, it takes 20+ minutes of cursing and even then, I’ll only have one lens in properly). I did get a few rides with them and normal Oakleys and it was great, until a contact pops out and then you can’t see anything. I wear my prescription Oakley Flak Jackets a TON, so it was worth it to me to spend the money to get the proper Oakley RX lenses, but it’s a major investment in something you have to be super careful with.

Like I mentioned in the other eyewear thread and as @Lawrence mentioned above, any optician should be able to put a decent lens in ‘normal’, non-sport Oakleys and it’ll be ok for more casual riding, but if you want wrap-around type protection and good optics on a very curved lens, Oakley’s own lens service can’t be beat.


@gokatgo you mind find some more info in the other recent eyewear thread…


How dark do you need it for mountain biking? I’ve used transitions for years and find they are ‘just right’ for mountain biking what with shadows etc. They only go “full dark” when there is snow or when road riding.

Personally, I would stay away from lenses behind lenses. Get a larger pair of prescription frames with your prescription in them or buy some oakleys or other sport specific frames for cheap and have them put in. Check out online for cheap frames. Depending on how bad your prescription is you might want to stay away from frames with a big curve in them.

I wish contacts were an option for me, could have saved hundreds over the years and enjoyed more variety of lenses and frames. C’est la vie.

Transitions now come in 3 different levels of darkness. Mine are the lowest which aren’t enough on bright days in the summer. . I would probably the insert lenses with transitions and then the riding frame just clear and a yellow one as that lense is pennies in comparison to replace

I guess it depends on where you go. I think I was given an option for darkness level 30 years ago but every other time since then it never came up, my latest being a month or so ago.

I bought my current ones back in June. They are about 20% I believe they go as high as 35% if memory serves correctly

I guess so, I have both Nikon Adaptive Lenses | Products | Nikon Eyes and Oakley versions (can’t find a link for that), both work great for cycling, road or mountain.

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Nice. Mine weren’t anything high end mind you just what the store offered. I needed glasses quick and my health plan hadn’t kicked in yet so cheaper out I guess

I have a few pairs of oakleys I have prescription polarized lens made for Salmon fishing. The ones the local lab makes are quite good but they cant make certain Oakley styles

I asked my optician if there was anything I could do about a scuff mark on my prescription Oakley sunglasses. He said the only thing is that if they’re under 2 years old they can be replaced under warranty.

As I’m working outside while waiting for my security clearance, we’ve agreed that we’ll do it closer to August when the warranty expires.

Essentially this will double the life of the glasses so makes me feel better about the cost!