Riding today

Is anyone going for a ride today? I haven’t been out in awhile and would like to ride today but preferably not alone. Let me know if you’re heading out and where/when.

@adam and I are planning to go out this afternoon in the Windsor area…Irishman’s Rd, Hartville/Grunter, Castle Frederick, Grey Mountain haven’t decided yet.

We’re riding at Castle Frederick, 2pm

Did you make it out @xaero?

I wasn;t able to get out until out a 4:30 and assumed you already got one in. Broke a chain par way in. So… there’s that. Off to MEC tomorrow for me, I guess.

Nope. I posted first thing this morning and shortly after discovered I wasn’t feeling well and have been in bed most of the day. I’m hoping better luck for tomorrow.

Yeah man, hope you’re feeling better.