Riding tonight?

Thinking of getting out after work, say 5:30 - 6. Considering Fight or Whopper. Anyone interested in joining???

I’ve discussed a ride possibility with bignose and drolls for whopper at 7:00. You would be welcome to join us.

Keep me posted, I would up for that…

I’ll be at whopper for sure.

Ok, time and place is confirmed.

7pm at Coke plant entrance, BLT trail near Pizza Town in Lakeside.

Could end up being a lake loop ride or a flipside ride depending on the on-site vote.

I’d like to join in on this if that’s okay. I’ll be riding in on rails to trails from Upper Tantallon. Anyone know if I’ll have to make any detours due to the wastewater piping project or if it’s open through to the Coke plant?

As far as I know it is clear.

We’ll keep an eye out for you. You can send me an email if you are running late.

There’s nothing like a 20km warmup before whopper :smiley:

There might be one short detour just before the coke plant onto Raines Mill Dr. But the last time I went through it was open.