Rigid SS next bike

Yeah. I LOVE rock. The rougher, the better!

I’m thinking a nice rigid steel SS might be in order. Any ideas? I have the 2008 GT Peace in mind. I see Norco has some belt drives coming down the pipe line. That might be neat.

I rode a rigid SS for a few months last summer, it was great for most things, lacking in others. A 80mm suspension fork fixed that right up.

Unless Norco changed there geometry on the 29ers for 2010 they would not make my list. I am 5’9’ with a 30’ in seam and Norco’s smallest 29er frame has a stand over taller then 30’.

The new cromo framed Norco with belt drive looks pretty slick though

I’d like to try out the belt drive in the nasty stuff before I commited to it. I’m not opposed to a bouncy fork either. Just the GT wasn’t spec’d with one. I would like a steel bike, specially if it has an eccentric BB, as the shell will need mods for my style of riding. Chain tugs and BMX style dropouts would be nicer.

Actually, the Redline MonoCog is avalible as a 26er. Hmmm…might get one of them…

Have you tried a 29er? I started single speeding last summer on a 26er and made the move to 29er mid-season and will not be going back to a 26er for single speed again.

My preference is ebb, I stripped a bolt on my sliders at Gore and was lucky the new chain lined up or I would of been done for the day.

I had a 26’ SS last year, and I stripped the EBB bolts after they would not hold it steady. And I’d rather have regular BMX style dropouts, and just run chain tugs on them. Never once had an issue with those in the 15 years I’ve been running them. Depends largly on the bike, I suppose. The main reason I was thinking 26er is the strength issue. I ride uber-rough trails pretty hard.

I had an ebb on my Zion frame and it was awesome. There were 2 large hex bolts and I think I would of had to work hard to strip them. I really like the clean look of the ebb setup.

My current frame has sliding dropouts an I prefer the ebb setup to the sliding dropout. My fixie/ss road bike has the horizontal dropouts and the seem to work well, have never slipped on me.

You can get some pretty burly 29er wheels now, my buddy has a On One wheelset and they are pretty burly.

My wheels are mavic A317’s which mavic list as a touring rim. I ride those wheels on the same trails as my dual suspension and ride them just as hard and have had no major issues.

HHMMmmm…very interesting. I was not aware of how far 29er wheels had come. I also ride A LOT of technical trails, so I only am left wondering about that aspect of ridability. I like Fight Trail, Whopper… stuff like that.

I am not familiar with those trails. The only NS trails I have ridden were Gore. You guys have alot more rock then we do in the moncton area.