Road commissaire course THIS WEEKEND

I know, eh? They knew they were having this course 2 weeks ago (they announced it at the Valley RR) and then nothing. The advert for it showed up today or yesterday on the BNS web page. Ah well.

There is a Road Commissaire course this weekend in Halifax and we really really really need more commissaires and there are still spots available in the class. PLEASE consider taking the course, or convince a spouse, brother, sister, parent, uncle, aunt, friend, neighbour… to take the course! The race season is still in jeopardy of NOT HAPPENING if we don’t get more trained commissaires. It is critical that we get more people signed up for the course this weekend. This course is open to people from other provinces, too.

Here are some details. I will post more exact details when I get them.
When: Friday May 28th (evening), Saturday May 29th (all day) and Sunday May 30th (practical training at the Halifax Crit).
Where: Sport Nova Scotia, Spring Garden Rd, Halifax
Teacher: Louise Lalonde - very experienced commissaire, including stages of the Tour de France.

Contact: If you or someone you know is interested in taking the course PLEASE conact Eric Weaver ASAP at:

Also contact Eric if you have more questions about the course. He is not on Pedaltrout, so please email him directly. If I get more details about the course I will post.


Now this is one of those things that just drives me crazy - I had received an email from Dave Wharton that there could be a road course coming in May. Then nothing at all.
I figured after expressing interest that he would keep me in the loop regarding dates. Unfortunately, I found out it was this weekend because I saw your post late last night - and my time has already been booked for the weekend (I can’t even shoot the crit this year!).

All it would have taken is an email from Dave, and I could have scheduled my time for the weekend to include the course - now it’s too late to find a sitter and too late to back out of an assignment.

Sorry, roadies - I did step up to help out, but the notice is just too short.